Huawei exchanges mobile phone batteries from older Honor & Huawei smartphones for only 24.90 euros

Huawei is currently replacing cell phone batteries from older Huawei or Honor smartphones at a special price of just 24.90 euros.

After the US ban and the loss of the rights to use Google apps on Android, the manufacturer Huawei no longer plays a major role in the smartphone market. However, this is no reason to stop using old Huawei or Honor cell phones. Huawei is now offering a campaign to cheaply replace smartphone batteries from old Honor and Huawei devices.

Battery replacement for Huawei & Honor cell phones for only 25 euros

If you want to keep one of these older devices alive, the Chinese manufacturer is only swapping them out for a limited period of time

for only 24.90 euros

off – that usually costs about twice as much. The conversion is carried out directly by the manufacturer, i.e. not by any third party. After the exchange, you will also receive a six-month manufacturer’s guarantee on the new battery. This way you are on the safe side compared to an exchange in a mobile phone shop.

Battery replacement from official Huawei service

Battery replacement from official Huawei service


Until January 15, 2023, the price for replacing the battery for smartphones from older Honor smartphones and Huawei cell phones is only 24.90 euros. You can find out which devices benefit from the campaign on Huawei’s official service page.

Directly to the Huawei Care battery replacement

So if your old device is already showing signs of aging in terms of the battery and the runtime has drastically reduced, this is a great way to breathe new life into your smartphone and continue using it for a few more years. Competitors such as Apple charge significantly more for this service, namely up to 75 euros.

Around 25 euros is also significantly less than buying a new smartphone just because the battery is no longer working optimally. Especially in times when everything is currently getting more expensive, you can save a few euros – a good deal.

Replacing the battery: This is how it works, you have to pay attention to that

There is no need to rush to take advantage of the promotional price. The action itself is still ongoing

until January 15, 2023.

This gives you enough time to exchange the smartphone battery at a special price. If you decide to do this, play it safe and save your data. The exchange then takes place either in a Huawei service center on site or by post. The shipping costs are even borne by Huawei, so you really only pay the 24.90 euros.

Batteries from Honor smartphones are included in the promotion as Honor was formerly a subsidiary of Huawei. The batteries of some older Honor cellphones are still exchanged by Huawei. You can find out which devices are included on the Huawei service page. Batteries from older Matebooks and Huawei tablets can of course also be exchanged here.

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