Huawei has plans for a game console that will compete with PlayStation and Xbox

Huawei seems to have plans to launch into the gaming market. For example, the Chinese tech company would think of its own game console, and a gaming laptop is also in the making.

In the news: According to the Huawei Central website, Huawei will soon expand its range of notebooks with gaming laptops. In a later stadium, the company also wants to come up with its own game console, comparable to Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox.

  • By now also entering the gaming market, Huawei hopes to regain some market share. The company recently received several heavy blows in the west.
    • Due to the ban of former US President Donald Trump, Huawei can no longer cooperate with Google for its smartphones. As a result, sales outside of China plummeted.
    • The many stories about espionage by the Chinese government also caused more and more countries – including Belgium – to distance themselves from Huawei for the construction of their 5G network. In terms of technical know-how, however, the Chinese had a big lead.
  • Huawei has been eyeing the gaming market for a while last year. Then it launched Game Center, a gaming hub built on top of Huawei Media Services for Android.

Gaming laptop: Huawei’s plans to release a laptop specifically aimed at gamers come as no surprise.

  • Sister company Honor came in 2020 with its first gaming laptop, the Honor Hunter. It is a laptop with heavy specs that is ideal for gamers.
  • Back then there were already rumors that Huawei would also launch its own gaming laptop in 2020. It didn’t get that far yet.
  • At the beginning of 2021, Huawei introduced three new laptops, the MateBook X Pro, MateBook 13 and 14. They are powered by the 11th generation Intel processor. An AMD version of the MateBook would also be released later this year.

Game console: Very little is known about Huawei’s planning for its own game console. Huawei Central adds that that device will only be launched in the distant future.


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