Huge GTA 6 Leak Shows Female Main Character – Hacker Identified

It’s arguably one of the biggest leaks in Rockstar history. Several videos and numerous photos have appeared on Twitter showing scenes from the next GTA part. Update: Now there are first indications of the hacker.

Update: Hacker probably 16-year-old from Great Britain

According to multiple sources, the hacker who stole an early version of GTA 6 and posted clips of it online has been at least partially identified. According to website The Gamer, this is a 16-year-old from the UK believed to be the leader of the Lapsu$ hacker group. The group may also be behind the cyber attack on the Uber company; the FBI and US Department of Justice are currently investigating the attack.

update end

Rockstar has now officially announced GTA 6, but fans have so far been waiting in vain for gameplay videos or photos – at least from the official side. Unofficially, numerous videos and photos appeared on social networks yesterday, which are supposed to show scenes from the new GTA. And the footage appears to be authentic, as does Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier


The videos mainly show the female main character, whose existence has already been mentioned in various rumours. One scene shows a robbery at a fast food restaurant, other videos show a police chase and a visit to a strip club. A firefight with the police can also be seen.

The leaks also show the main male character, including in a video that also shows the swimming mechanics. Another shows interacting with multiple NPCs.

In addition, the vehicle physics can be seen in a crash.

The leaks also seem to show that the new GTA actually plays in Vice City – a city that is already known from several predecessors and is modeled on Miami.

It cannot be determined how old the clips are. The hardware of the test system is striking. The recordings were made in 720p with disabled HDR; a comparatively old Nvidia Geforce GTX 1080 runs on the test system.

The photos and videos are currently circulating on platforms such as Twitter and YouTube, but are actively being deleted by Twitter. Dedicated GTA fans will still have no trouble finding the material.

Editor’s note:

GTA has videos with the leaks continuously deleted. It is therefore possible that the videos we link to will soon no longer be online.

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