Huge supercharger in California: 64 V3 pillars, Tesla battery and space for cybertrucks

The world’s largest Tesla supercharger in terms of number of charging stations has been in China since January, but the largest in the USA is likely to be replaced soon. So far, the record has been held there by the Tesla location in the Californian city of Firebaugh between San Francisco and Los Angeles, whose 56 pillars are also all V3 superchargers with an output of up to 250 kilowatts. But in Santa Monica, also in California, an even larger Supercharger station with 62 V3 columns is planned, which also has some special features.

Large seats for a Tesla Cybertruck?

Because the 72 Tesla charging stations in Shanghai only offer 120 kilowatts each, the new Tesla location in California will be the one with the highest total output in the world. The blog Teslarati reported on this this week, citing documents from the City Planning Commission for Santa Monica. Among other things, a megapack battery from Tesla will deliver up to 1264 kilowatts of power, and solar canopies and a toilet facility are also planned.

Some of the loading bays should also be extra wide, so that the Tesla Cybertruck also fits well there, Teslarati reported. According to CEO Elon Musk, the first of these electric pickups should, with a little luck, be delivered at the end of this year. Plans for a Tesla location with such wide supercharger spaces were already noticed last fall.

Supercharger in two halves

According to the plans, the new record-breaking system in California is divided into two halves to the left and right of Santa Monica Boulevard, but some of them use common technology. The larger part is equipped with 36 V3 pillars, the Megapack and the toilets. The project has yet to be approved by the local authorities.

According to the blog Electrek, Tesla in Santa Monica at times had even more plans besides Los Angeles: In 2018, CEO Musk announced a drive-in restaurant in the old roller-skate style on a Supercharger, and a little later the construction of the now chosen location began both requested. The restaurant doesn’t seem to have been planned recently, but Tesla drivers have plenty of space for cybertrucks and high-performance charging options, some of them from solar energy.


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