Hugh Grant plays the villain in the ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ movie

The Dungeons & Dragonsfilm is increasingly taking shape. Fans will of course not yet know what the film will look like, but more and more is becoming known about the actors who play in it. For example, the newest name on that casting list isn’t the least. Hugh Grant will play the villain in the movie, which is currently untitled.

Hugh Grant is at home in all markets. The British actor recently proved this by portraying a possible murderer in the HBO series The Undoing. Grant nevertheless captured the hearts of women worldwide through roles in romantic comedies such as Love, Actually and Notting Hill.

Dungeons & Dragons-movie

Soon, fans will be able to admire his acting talents in the upcoming Dungeons & Dragons-movie. Very little is currently known about the content of that film. All that is known is that the script is based on a first draft by Michael Gilio.

According to that script, a group of adventurers would go in search of the terrible Eye of Verna. That’s a well-known artifact Dungeons & Dragons. According to Deadline Hugh Grant plays a villain in the film, who will probably make things difficult for the adventurers.


The lead role in the film is for none other than Chris Pine. So he probably becomes the leader of the group of adventurers. In addition, Michelle Rodriguez, Justice Smith, Sophia Lillis and Regé-Jean Page are also in the Dungeons & Dragonsmovie.

The latter was a relatively unknown name a few months ago. But appeared on Christmas Bridgerton on Netflix. In the series Page plays one of the leading roles, that of Simon Bassett aka The Duke of Hastings. Meanwhile Bridgerton became one of the 50 best series on Netflix.


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