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Hugo de Jonge and Femke Halsema sing God Only Knows in All You Need Is Love

The Christmas special of All You Need Is Love was a hit again this year. The program is a Christmas tradition for many families, as standard on Christmas Eve everyone comes together in front of the TV to watch Robert ten Brink. Well, everyone, over two million people watched it last night. They also saw minister of health care Hugo de Jonge and mayor Femke Halsema sing (part of) a song.

“More intense than ever”

All You Need Is Love is known for emotional reunions with family, loved ones and friends. Robert ten Brink told in an interview with Subway that this special would be “fiercer than ever”. And it was, as can be seen from the reactions to the broadcast. Not only violently because the engaged couples only saw each other again after eighteen months, also because the Minister of Health God Only Knows from The Beach Boys on national TV.

Together with Femke Halsema, Samantha Steenwijk, OG3NE, Bizzey, André Hazes, Lucas Hamming, Gerard Joling and Alain Clark, De Jonge sang a part of the song. “God only knows what I’d do without you”, it sounds during the minister’s turn.

Again, the reactions on Twitter are quite divergent. Minister De Jonge is certainly not having a great week on Twitter. Just a few days ago, photos of him went viral on Twitter, making fun of him from all angles. For example, he was compared to “hide the pain Harold” and people found a mistake in every photo.

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‘Can not be’

And now again: some people thought the minister’s performance was great, others think it ridiculous or even downright bad. “I still think it is very admirable that Hugo de Jonge has sacrificed the leadership position in order to be able to devote himself fully to the photo shoots and performances in entertainment programs,” someone writes, for example.

“He has gone completely mad. While there are 11,000 dead, the land is being destroyed, is he going to sing? This is not possible, ”says another. Rinze wonders if the two drivers have nothing better to do:

‘Amazing, right’

Fortunately, there are also people who like the fact that the minister and mayor took part in the broadcast. In this way they show that they are “human and also have emotions,” someone says. “Hugo de Jonge can sing really well!”, Concludes a twitterer.

And: “People shouldn’t whine like that! It’s never right. Leave that man, it is Christmas for him too! ”. There are more people who share that opinion. “Great this performance. We Dutch people always have an opinion about something, maybe we should not only stay indoors during the Christmas season, but also look inside a little more. “

Missed the broadcast? You can review it here.

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Hugo de Jonge and Femke Halsema sing God Only Knows in All You Need Is Love


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