Humberto Tan makes new program for RTL Z.

In Humberto undertakes … Tan picks up the best stories and not only highlights the unique products, brands and companies with which his guests have become known, he also reflects on the special personalities that have ensured the success behind these companies. Other guests in the program are Juul Manders (BALR), Pieter Zwart (CoolBlue), Manon van Essen (Magioni), Ineke Kooistra (Young Capital) and Won Yip (YipGroup).

Tan’s affinity with the business market and entrepreneurship is strong. In the past, the TV personality worked for the business radio channel BNR and presented the Entrepreneur of the Year award for years.

“In my view, Dutch SMEs are the engine of our economy. For years I have come across the most interesting entrepreneurs in my work as a television presenter, radio maker and photographer, each with their own unique story. Certainly in these special times it seemed valuable to me to program in which I focus specifically on these stories. By talking to the most famous and special entrepreneurs from the Netherlands about their company and product, I want to inspire viewers at home and give them new energy in their own entrepreneurship. ” says Tan himself.

Humberto Ondernemen … can be seen weekly at RTL Z from Tuesday 18 August at 8.30 p.m.


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