Husband ‘Tiger King’ Joe Exotic now also in prison

Dillon Passage, the husband of Tiger King Joe Exotic, is now also in prison. He was picked up in Texas this weekend for driving under the influence.

Joe Exotic explains Tiger King is currently serving a 22-year sentence for hiring a hitman to kill his arch-rival Carole Baskin. In addition, he was also convicted of animal cruelty. His husband Dillon Passage continues to support him, but he too is now in prison.

Dillion Passage

Joe Exotic’s 25-year-old husband was arrested by police in Texas on Saturday night. He was stopped, after which a test showed that he was driving under the influence. Passage refused to have police investigate his vehicle and also struggled when he was arrested.

As a result, he is now in prison with a bail of $ 3,000 ($ 2,532). On his Instagram Story, Dillon had posted images on Saturday evening that showed that he was partying. So it is after that party that he was arrested under the influence.

Drug addiction

Dillon Passage, who is currently 25 years old, told Entertainment Tonight earlier this year that he had a drug addiction when he met Joe Exotic. Not much later the self-proclaimed one arrived Tiger King in prison, which of course made the relationship with Dillon not easy.

But Dillon is now used to seeing his husband only on trips to prison. “It’s my normal life now”, it sounds. “It’s weird to say it, but I got used to this situation.” In addition, Dillon also obtained permission from his husband to establish a relationship with someone else if he wanted to while he was in prison. Yet Dillon still hopes that his husband will be released soon.


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