Hydrogen / biodiesel: Japanese manufacturers use biofuel

One is forming in Japan alliance for Biofuels. Mazda, Toyota, Subaru, Kawasaki and Yamaha will work together in the future Biodiesel– and Hydrogen engines. The goal is Lowering the CO2Emissions through climate-neutral driving. The Japanese see great potential in the optimization from Internal combustion enginesto improve their carbon footprint. An important key to this are CO2neutral Fuels. Mazda Spirit Racing therefore started with one in mid-November 2021 run of the Super Taikyu series in Okayama, Japan with a prototype called Demio (above in the picture).

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Of the 1.5 liters size Diesel engine the Mazda Demio came with one too 100 percent the end Biomass won fuel operated. With Testing like the race in Okayama, Mazda wants that reliability this technology put to the test and so on Biodiesel the next generation contribute. Start in 2022 Subaru and Toyota also with biodiesel vehicles in the aforementioned Racing series. From the competition Manufacturers promise one another on the racetrack acceleration the technological development. The advantage: biofuels can be used in existing engines with little effort and sold via the current filling station network.

Hydrogen engines also reduce the carbon footprint

One second opportunityFrom the point of view of the Japanese manufacturers, sustainable reductions in the CO2 footprint are essential Hydrogen engines. Toyota has in common with Denso and Yamaha developed an aggregate that hydrogen instead of from petrol uses and is therefore locally emission-free. The engine had to be on the Racetrack prove at 24hoursrun in Fuji. Mission number two followed in Okayama more power and more Torque. Yamaha and Kawasaki meanwhile check the possibility of a Hydrogen engine in Two-wheelers and Quads respectively. ATVs to use. Honda and Suzuki could join the research initiative in the future.
Around production and transport of hydrogen without the use of fossil fuels, the manufacturers say they work with different ones Partners and local Municipalities together. In some regions, for example, it is used in the production of fuel Biomass from the Wastewater treatment for use. Be for transportation Fuel cellstruck used.

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