Hygiene Austria – Swiss institute tested China masks

There are two different quality inspection steps, says Vetter. The CE mark, which is printed on the masks, was created for the construction plan of the product and comes from a Hungarian institute. The Federal Office for Metrology and Surveying had also determined this. The masks from Hygiene Austria are marked CE 2233. This combination of numbers belongs to the Hungarian test center GÉPTESZT Termelőeszközöket Felülvizsgáló és Karbantartó Kft., Based in Budapest.

Quality control in Switzerland

There is also control by the Swiss company SGS. This is a quality control for the Chinese production, said Vetter. The masks of the delivery from China were thus checked, and the Hungarian CE mark was also printed on them. The Swiss SGS group has a branch in Austria. Hygiene Austria had already announced on Wednesday that reports for the masks were available and would be made available to the public prosecutor.

In terms of quality, there is no difference between the Chinese and Austrian masks, the spokesman said. “The problem is the wrong promise for this tranche” – namely the promise “Made in Austria”. When asked that Hygiene Austria was still advertising “Made in Austria” on its website, he said that only Austrian-made masks were being sold. At the moment, however, no orders were received. The fiber manufacturer Lenzing does not produce fibers for the Hygiene Austria masks, Vetter clarified.


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