Hyundai Casper (2021): We want this micro-SUV too

Hyundai has unveiled a new micro-SUV for South Korea and India, showing that things can still get smaller. The Casper is only 3.60 meters long, 1.60 meters wide, 1.58 meters high and has a wheelbase of 2.40 meters. For comparison: The car is seven centimeters shorter than the i10.

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The micro-SUV has a striking design

In terms of design, the Casper makes a statement. The split headlights are particularly noticeable. As we know it from the Hyundai Bayon, for example, there is an LED light unit directly under the hood, connected by a black band on which the brand logo is also located. It gets more exciting one floor below: Here you can find round headlights with a design reminiscent of ventilation nozzles. They are embedded in a radiator grille, while the more powerful model with turbo engine also has circular air inlets on the inner side of the lighting units. The picture is completed by a silver-colored underrun protection. It goes well with the other robust elements of the Casper: all-round planking and roof rails. The lighting concept is also resumed at the rear. Here, too, the taillights are divided: an LED unit is located directly under the pane. Number two is again round and quite deep, positioned directly above the apron with the silver-colored diffuser.
Hyundai Casper

The Casper is named after a skateboard trick. The light design of the front is taken up again at the rear.

Interior with folding front seats

Hyundai has worked through the subject of variable interiors in the SUV: Both front seats can be folded down, Hyundai does not reveal what purpose this serves, but it is a unique feature and makes it possible to load objects that are just over two meters in length.
Hyundai Casper
Unusual feature: both the driver’s and passenger’s seat backs can be folded down.

The back seat, here there is space for two people, can be moved by 160 millimeters, the backrest here can be tilted up to 39 degrees for a relaxed sitting position. When the second row is pushed all the way forward, the Casper bids 301 liters trunk volume. Although he was with a digital cockpit and one large attached central display is equipped, the interior can unfortunately not keep up with the eye-catching exterior according to the first pictures. With a lot of hard plastic and rounded levels on the dashboard, it is somewhat reminiscent of a Twingo from the 90s. Hyundai does without a center console, As in some commercial vehicles, the gear selector lever is located directly on the dashboard, there is an armrest between the front seats instead. Safety is a top priority with the Casper, seven airbags are standard, there are also various assistants that keep the lane, automatically switch the high beam on and off or check the driver’s attention.
Hyundai Casper

The interior looks a bit old-fashioned despite the digital cockpit and quite large central display.

The Casper is sold very cheaply in South Korea

The micro-SUV is available with two petrol engines. The basis is a vacuum cleaner with 75 HP and 95 Nm, above it is a turbo engine with 100 HP and 171 Nm. The market launch should take place in 2021. The prices for the Hyundai Casper are pretty low from a European point of view: The base costs 13.85 million won, that’s the equivalent just 10,000 euros. So far, unfortunately, there does not seem to be any plans to offer the car from us.

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