Hyundai i20 N: He’s not afraid of GTI and ST!

The new Hyundai i20 N is a declaration of war in the small car class. After the Koreans startled the competition with the larger i30 N, the sporty offshoot of the i20 is now getting ready to attack the VW Polo GTI and Ford Fiesta ST. The first dates should make Hot Hatch fans happy.

Price: The i20 N entry price is probably less than 25,000 euros

The i20 N does 204 hp and gives up to 275 Nm via a manual six-speed gearbox Torque to the front wheels. But not only the performance values ​​are competitive, the small N-model should also convince in terms of price. There is still no official base price, but AUTO BILD assumes that the i20 N is still in the Spring 2021 from around 24,000 euros at the dealers.

Driving impression: The i20 is a lot of fun in the first test

The main discipline of the new i20 N is the curve bustle. For this they have flanged an optional lock to the front axle, 18 inch wheels Buckled up and for late anchoring 320 mm discs in front lost. The engine can convince with its 204 hp, only in terms of torque a little more power would be an advantage. You can find the full driving report here!

Design: The i20 N is not reserved

Hyundai i20 N !! BLOCKING PERIOD October 21, 2020 00:01 AM !!

With red accents, the N-model intensifies the look of the sporty “N-Line”.

The i20 N is already looking great. For the sporty external effect is with the massive apron taken care of. It pulls the not so good small car visually neatly in the width. Red accents and the breathable one Radiator grille with checkered flag stamping complete the offensive look on the front. Unlike the Polo GTI and Fiesta ST, the i20 N can be recognized as a sports offshoot at first glance. The profile is dominated by the N-sill panels with red decor and the 18-inch alloy wheels. Pirelli has developed its own “P Zero” tires especially for the i20 N. The enlarged brake system squints through the rims (front 320 discs, internally ventilated). Red calipers illustrate the sporting character. At the rear, too, the i20 N is not stingy with sporty quotes. From top to bottom, the differences to the normal i20 are as follows: Roof edge spoiler, massive apron with Diffuser insert and a central, triangular rear fog light as on the i30 N plus oval tailpipe On the right side.

Interior: The interior makes you want to go on winding country roads

Hyundai i20 N !! BLOCKING PERIOD October 21, 2020 00:01 AM !!

The red start button on the steering wheel makes you want more! But we still have to wait until the first test drive.

The interior of the i20 N also does justice to the sporty character. Black sky, dark colors – and the driver and front passenger sit well enclosed Sports seats with integrated headrests. The round one Sports steering wheel with the known “N” buttons like in the i30 N and the gear knob of the Six-speed transmission lie comfortably in the hand and whet your appetite for winding country roads. In addition, the i20 N offers a few gadgets. In the digital instrument cluster, for example, there is a shift light, a Launch control helps to accelerate the i20 N to the maximum, and a Revmatch assists with double-declutching during gear changes.

Hyundai i20 N !! BLOCKING PERIOD October 21, 2020 00:01 AM !!

As in the i30 N, parameters such as sound, steering and throttle response can be set using a spider web graphic.

It is more intended for ambitious semi and full professionals Left brake functionthat at deactivated ESP allows the brake and accelerator to be operated at the same time, without preference being given to the brake for safety reasons and without cutting the engine output. And then on the central monitor – as with the i30 N – parameters such as exhaust sound, throttle response, Freely combine ESP sensitivity and steeringso that you can tune the i20 N exactly to your preferences. Not to forget: The practical features of the normal i20 are retained. The trunk volume of the i20 N is still 351 liters.

Technology: A mechanical differential lock is available on request

Hyundai i20 N !! BLOCKING PERIOD October 21, 2020 00:01 AM !!

The tailpipe of the i20 N, which is routed to the right, is split in two inside, but is beautifully metallic.

So that the i20 N transports passengers and luggage as quickly as possible, the technicians at N GmbH have done a lot of work at the base. Body stiffeners in the front end, revised axles and a Sports suspension with other dampers and springs are just as much a part of it as is available at an additional cost mechanical limited slip differential for the front axle, which is solely responsible for the drive in the best hot hatch tradition. The aforementioned brake system is significantly larger than the normal i20, the Pirelli has specially adapted the tires to the i20 N.
Hyundai i20 N !! BLOCKING PERIOD October 21, 2020 00:01 AM !!

Like the Kia Proceed GT, the i20 N also draws 204 hp from a 1.6 liter turbo four-cylinder.

Working under the hood 1.6 liter four-cylinderthat thanks Turbocharging 204 HP and up to 275 Nm torque provides. It is switched via a manual Six-speed gearbox – there will be no double clutch transmission. The performance of the probably a good 1200 kilo sports Hyundai is still preliminary: around 230 km / h Vmax and about 6.7 seconds for the sprint from 0 to 100 km / h.


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