Hyundai i30 Fastback N Performance up to 5968 euros cheaper

As a coupé-like sedan Fastback, the i30 is not seen quite as often on our streets – and certainly not in the one sporty N version. Completely wrong, because in our test on the racetrack, the sedan performed better than the regular five-door. This is due to the more comfortably tuned chassis, with which the typical tendency to understeer is no longer quite as annoying. The more comfortable rear axle keeps the i30 Fastback N Performance on the ideal line better with small dance inserts, the more agile front axle allows the tire to work better. In the meantime there has been a facelift, but that shouldn’t have any effect on this impression. Visually were here Revised grill and headlights, the tailpipes are slightly larger. In addition, the car is now also available with the eight-speed automatic, which briefly increases the torque and the output has been increased by five hp to 280 hp. The price for the N-Limo ​​is – as always with Hyundai – more than fairly calculated: The i30 N Fastback Performance is available from 36,450 euros. With the provider you can get the car cheaper: Here you can Save up to 5968 euros (As of September 30, 2021).


Hyundai i30 Fastback N

Hyundai i30 Fastback N with discount

The Hyundai i30 Fastback N is available at with a discount of up to 5968 euros. (As of September 30, 2021)

The highest discount is available on the i30 Fastback N Performance with automatic. The “N DCT” double clutch also offers features such as “N Grin Shift” (“Grin” is English for “grin”): the driver can do this using a button on the steering wheel using NGS Increase torque by seven percent for 20 seconds, at the same time the response of the transmission is optimized. Overall, this ensures better acceleration – the i30 Fastback N with 280 hp and 392 Nm needs 5.4 seconds for the sprint from zero to a hundred, which is five tenths faster than with a manual gearshift. But the performance version also impresses when it comes to equipment. From the factory, for example, 19-inch models, sports brakes, an electronically controlled differential lock, sports suspension, flap exhaust, tinted windows and sports seats are on board. In the version with automatic, there is also a larger central display in the interior, it measures 10.25 inches. According to the list, the i30 Fastback N Performance actually costs 39,450 euros with automatic. At, however, there are savings of up to 5968 euros, that is 15 percent Discount (attention, the transportation costs reduce the discount by a few hundred euros). The best offers start here at 34,272 euros.

With the hand control you can save up to 4728 euros

At Hyundai, the six-speed gearshift also has a special feature: the transmission is equipped with a double-declutching function when downshifting as standard. At eight inches, the screen on the dashboard is a tad smaller, otherwise the equipment corresponds to the version with automatic. The MSRP is actually 36,450 euros. At, the i30 Fastback N Performance with manual gearshift is available from 31,722 euros. Up to 4728 euros (13 percent) can be saved here.

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