Hyundai i30 N: Tuner Klasen has fully exploited the potential!

So successful and so little tuning, says Stephan Klasen about the Hyundai i30 N. Klasen is one of the few passionate tuners in this country and has been known for years for his fetish for exorbitant increases in performance.

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Just remember the 500 hp Corsa OPC that ran over 300 km/h at our Nardò event. Or last year, when he drove a 1200 hp Lamborghini Huracán Performante at 384 km/h in Papenburg, from a standing start after 3000 meters, mind you.
Classes i30 N

The Milltek exhaust system looks good, but according to Klasen it doesn’t add any extra power. Sound – a bit more than standard.

And the nice thing: None of his conversions are tinkering or smoking, even in the speedometer the engine warning lights do not flash in competition. No, the tuner knows about power. There are even rumors that he likes to spend the night on the in-house dynamometer. Back to the Hyundai. The Koreans already had a mega success with the pre-facelift i30-N.

Klasen gives Hyundai a helping hand

Over 30,000 cars were sold in Europe alone, the GTI generation had been taken over. From then on, the Sport-i30 was a track tool that was often seen on the Nordschleife & Co. No wonder, the price-performance ratio is virtually unbeatable in this class, and in comparative tests you always had a say in the winner’s podium.
280 hp sounds good at first glance, but we have always criticized the somewhat listless engine at the top. And because some i30-N fans also complained about this in the relevant forums, Klasen felt encouraged to help the Hyundai along the way. When he ordered a current 30 and examined it, it quickly became clear why the two-litre top was running out of air. The compressor wheel of the series charger is simply too small, because too little air mass comes through.
Classes i30 N

On the Sachsenring, the Klasen i30 N is unerring and many times more entertaining than the series.

Solution? Sure, bigger turbocharger. But Klasen wanted to try it first without a new turbine. Lo and behold, with the help of a larger intercooler, an open air filter box, a Milltek exhaust system from the cat and electronics that were meticulously tuned on the test bench, it achieved an impressive 392 hp. 112 hp for 6099 euros sounds affordable.

Klasen i30 N to 200 km/h in 15.6 seconds

How does it drive? Not entirely new, the polished response remains the same as the nimble reflexes on gas commands. All the rest, on the other hand, is only remotely reminiscent of the series engine. The charger chirps fieryly, puffs its way up to the 540 Nm high and hisses towards the peak performance. In the lower gears, despite the Pirelli Trofeo R being mounted, the drive slip control is repeatedly engaged; even in the third the lamp flickers. Desert hack? no way!
The boost pressure surges can be metered in a targeted manner. Does this also work for the sprint? The launch control brings the additional power perfectly to the asphalt, brakes out minimal slip thanks to the semislicks and skilfully works its way along the optimum traction. The result: 4.9 seconds to 100, 15.6 to 200. That’s just 0.6 or 4.4 seconds less than the measured production car. Chapeau! (This is how the i30 N performed in the AUTO BILD endurance test)
Classes i30 N

In addition to a KW coilover kit, Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R were mounted on the standard wheels.

Also faster in the corners? Even the production car is a real entertainer that can be zipped along country roads. But only Klasen gives the show the necessary substance with a KW coilover suspension and semislicks. understeer? Virtually non-existent.

In principle, turning in and holding on is enough, then the front mills into the radius while the rear sprints safely behind. If you can and want to, you can also turn the rear to the right angle with a lob. 3.8 seconds faster than the series – a small sensation!

Specifications and price: Klasen i30 N

Engine type: R4
Supercharging/boost pressure: turbo
Installation position: front across
Valves/Camshafts: 4 per cylinder/2
Displacement: 1998cc
kW (hp) b. rpm: 288 (392) /6200
liter output: 196 hp/l
b. rpm: 540/3000-4500
Transmission: Eight-speed double clutch
Type of drive: front wheel
Brakes front: 360 mm internally ventilated
Rear brakes: 314 mm internally ventilated
Brake disc material: stole
Wheel size front – rear: 8×19″
Tire size front – rear: 235/35R19
Tire type: Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R
L/W/H: 4340/1795-2040/1415mm
Wheelbase: 2650mm
Tank/trunk volume: 50/395-1301 l
Standard consumption • CO2: 8.4L SP/100km • 191g/km
Emissions standard: Euro 6d ISC FCM
base price: 36,900 euros
Test car price: 50,247 euros

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