Hyundai Ioniq Seven (2021): First details about the SUV Ioniq 7

Hyundai has released the first teaser images for a study called Seven, which will likely anticipate the design of the Ioniq 7 electric SUV. Both the name of the study and the indication that it will be an SUV for the electric brand indicate this. And: With the founding of Ioniq 2020, the Koreans had already presented a schedule for the presentation of new models, an SUV called Ioniq 7 was announced for 2024. As with the Ioniq 5, whose design has remained extremely close to the study, the look of its big SUV brother should not change too much until series production.

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Hyundai remains true to the pixel design in the Ioniq models

Unfortunately, the teasers that have just been published are not yet particularly revealing. The only picture from the outside shows part of the front. This shows that Hyundai remains true to the pixel design in the Ioniq models. A seemingly continuous strip of lights, which is made up of many small squares, and another unit in the apron, in which the pixels form a vertical light element, can be seen. The latter seems to close off a large air inlet, the grid of which is made up of square meshes. The wheel arches and sills are clad, the large wheels are typical of a study.
Hyundai Ioniq 7 concept vehicle SEVEN

The curved sofa with indirect lighting should not make it into the series.

Speaking of a typical study: the first impressions of the interior look like something out of a catalog for high-priced furniture. According to Hyundai, there should be an atmosphere like in a lounge. But it is not to be expected that the futuristic armchair or the curved sofa will make it into the production car. But maybe the announced sustainable materials. It will not be long before the study can be seen in full: The concept will be unveiled on November 17, 2021 at the LA Auto Show.

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