Hyundai Kona N (2021): first undisguised pictures of the 280 PS SUV

Price and launch of the Hyundai Kona N

Hyundai brings the Kona as a sports model. It is the first SUV from the in-house sports department – and of course it bears the suffix “N”. The Hyundai Kona N will probably still in 2021 roll to the dealers. AUTO BILD assumes that the price will start at 34,500 euros.

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Kona N gets the triangular brake light

The first pictures show what changes optically. Hyundai calls them “teasers”, but actually everything can already be seen in the photos: on the front Above all, various larger air inlets mark the sporting ambitions of the SUV. As with the regular Kona, the headlights are split in two. Between the high-positioned LED daytime running lights, directly below the bonnet, there is a new ventilation slot. The air inlets in the middle of the apron and on the sides also close properly. The grill, on the other hand, does not seem to grow, but it gets a new, coarse-meshed grid and of course an N badge. The whole thing is rounded off by a red decorative stripe on the lower part of the apron – typically N.
Hyundai Kona N

The wide diffuser with the large tailpipes looks good on the Hyundai Kona N.

As well on Rear the Kona N gets some sports ingredients. A spoiler split in the middle on the edge of the roof provides more downforce; the triangular third brake light that we know from the i30 N is integrated into it. In the new apron with wide diffuser two large tailpipes are embedded. The whole thing is set off again by a red decorative stripe. Different from the regular Kona Aprons, wheel arches and sills in body color painted.

Under the sheet metal a Hyundai i30 N

AUTO BILD has already driven a prototype of the Kona N that was still camouflaged. Under the sheet metal of the Kona N is basically an i30 N of the current facelift generation. That means: 280 hp and 392 Nm. The revised turbo four-cylinder with a displacement of two liters is more responsive and unfolds its power more broadly across the gear stages. Of course she wears it too Eight-speed double clutch strongly contributes to the more agile impression, because with two more gears and the resulting narrower gradation, the optimal belt can be used more efficiently. In addition, Hyundai has improved the responsiveness of the turbocharger. While the longer power output, especially in the high speed range, ensures that the engine at the top does not run out of breath as quickly as was often criticized in old tests of the i30 N, the more responsive turbo mainly benefits the intermediate sprint values.
Hyundai Kona N

Despite the higher body and slightly shorter wheelbase, we hardly miss any lateral dynamic driving talent.

Interesting: The rear axle tends to lose its composure more quickly than the front axle could smear into understeer. For us, this suggests that the Kona N will also work in dry conditions provides driving pleasure with a rather loosely fitting rear. The steering makes a slightly too easy first impression on us; So far we have nothing to complain about in terms of steering precision and transmission.

Hyundai Kona in the AUTO BILD used car market

With pure front-wheel drive, the Kona N plays the classic hot-hatch theme through to the end, a heavy all-wheel drive would have cost driving dynamics and thus driving fun – and that is important to Hyundai. Launch Control not only works in expert mode, but also with Sport ESP. This may not always result in perfect values ​​because the electronics now and then regulate performance. But in return, the average driver who does not dare to switch off the ESP immediately can also enjoy it. Our first impression: successful!

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