Hyundai presents new electric car platform: 23 models by 2025, electricity donations possible

The South Korean Hyundai group, to which the Kia brand also belongs, was one of the first traditional manufacturers and in Europe before Tesla with the Model 3, also offered electric cars. At the same time, however, he relied heavily on hydrogen cars – until he was surprised by Tesla’s success even in his own home market. This summer it became known that Hyundai also wanted to go increasingly on the electric car course, and now the company has presented its new platform for this. It plans to bring 23 different models onto the market by 2025 and then sell one million electric cars per year.

Hyundai electric cars as a source of electricity

Pure electric car platforms in the skateboard design developed by Tesla with the battery in the underbody are now being developed by many manufacturers – the pioneer, however, is a bit more advanced, as CEO Elon Musk wants to make the batteries an integral part of the vehicle frame, saving weight and space . Nevertheless, the new Hyundai platform, known as E-GMP, has interesting properties, especially when it comes to charging, and the fast models on it should approach performance Teslas when it comes to acceleration.

Among other things, Hyundai mentions WLTP ranges of 500 kilometers and more in its communication on E-GMP – presentable and higher than with its previous electric cars, but not yet at Tesla level. But recharging with an empty battery should then be faster: Like Porsche, Hyundai also uses a system voltage of 800 volts thanks to cooperation with the Croatian startup Rimac. E-GMP should be able to switch to 400 volts for charging, so that older columns can also be used.

Another interesting innovation in this regard: the Hyundais and Kias on the electric platform will receive a new charge control unit (ICCU) that allows electricity to flow in both directions. According to the company, this means that electricity in the battery can be used without additional technology to operate external electrical devices. It should also be possible to charge other electric cars. In the future, Hyundai drivers could be on the road as electricity donors and deliver up to 3.5 kilowatts of power – after all, as much as at a fully excited household socket. At Tesla, too, according to CEO Elon Musk, this was already possible with the Roadster, but there was not much interest in it and was therefore switched off.

Accelerate like Tesla

On the basis of E-GMP, the Hyundai Group will bring out a total of 23 “electric car models” by 2025, she said, including “11 special electric car models”. How this distinction should be understood was initially left open – some of the new vehicles may have a hybrid drive as an alternative. By 2025, sales are expected to increase to a total of 1 million electric cars. And for their fastest variants, Hyundai announced that they will accelerate to 100 kilometers per hour in less than 3.5 seconds – here too, the Korean company has apparently taken Tesla as its model.


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