Hyundai Staria (2021): Three Euro pallets fit into the commercial vehicle

Price: Hyundai Staria initially only as a fully equipped “Signature” from 56,150 euros

Hyundai’s new van with the name Staria can now be ordered – for the time being, however, only in the “Signature” version with extensive equipment. On board are electric sliding doors on both sides, nappa leather covers and individual seats in the second row. The seven-seater always comes with 177-hp diesel and eight-speed automatic. It is available in two versions:
● with front-wheel drive from 56,150 euros
● with all-wheel drive from 58,150 euros

Market launch for the basic version only in 2022

away 2022 should further equipment variants come along, then the Base under 40,000 euros costs. The new minibus should be quite serious competition for the upcoming VW T7 Multivan or the Mercedes V-Class. The Koreans also want an attack on the established ones commercial vehicles start: The practical version of the Staria should also come in 2022.

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Optics: Hyundai Staria with a futuristic design

For a car in this class, the Hyundai Staria is really progressive in design. When viewed from the front, it is a real eye-catcher: At the front, above the radiator grille LED daytime running lights-Stripes across the entire width. The huge grill including the complete front one, the deeply positioned headlights get a rectangular recess. They are made up of six squares each and are thus strongly reminiscent of the pixel lights of the electric Ioniq 5.
Hyundai Staria

As with the Ioniq 5, the LED taillights are made up of many small squares.

The dimensions are typical of a minibus

The window line, which is drawn down quite far, is intended to create a pleasant feeling of space inside. And also with the Taillights seems that Ioniq 5 To have acted as the godfather: The vertical taillights, which reach almost to the roof, look like pixels again, even if Hyundai calls it ice cube design. Overall, the Staria is kept very simple and looks like it is made of one piece. A quality that cannot be taken for granted in a van. The dimensions are typical minibus:

● Length: 5253 mm
● Width: 1997 mm
● Height: 1990 mm
● Wheelbase: 3273 mm
● Luggage compartment: 431 l
● Towable load: up to 1500 kg / support load: 100 kg

Interior: Lots of space for up to nine people

in the inner space the Staria should offer one thing above all else: space! The two front seats are separated by an open center console with illuminated lettering, depending on the equipment up to nine people Find. The steering wheel of the van is reminiscent of the Hyundai i20, behind it is a digital instrument cluster with a screen diagonal of 10.25 inches.
Hyundai Staria

With the instrument cluster placed far back, Hyundai could save a head-up display.

Speed ​​steps are inserted using a button

When it comes to infotainment, a separate screen is trusted next door. Hyundai uses it underneath Touch surfaces for climate control. The choice of the driving level should be made by Shift-by-wire and therefore only works with buttons. There should be storage space in an overhead console, under the instrument cluster and the generous center console. The passengers in the rear should feel comfortable thanks to the generous windows and plenty of space for shoulders and legs. In addition, there are single seats with footrests in the second row, which move into a reclining position at the push of a button. In addition, these Move the seats sideways and turn them 180 degrees. This is also practical for parents, who can turn the seat towards the door with half a turn, making it easier for their children to sit in their seats.

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Equipment: “Signature” with individual seats in the second row

So far there is only information about the extensive “Signature” equipment with which the Staria can already be ordered. It includes electric sliding doors on both sides, seat covers made of nappa leather and sun blinds. The second row consists of two individual seats, the seat surfaces, backrests and leg supports of which can be adjusted electrically. In addition, the Staria waits in this configuration with USB ports in each row of seats, three-zone automatic air conditioning and the so-called “Passenger View” on. A wide-angle camera transmits images of the rear passengers into the cockpit. This function is primarily intended for parents who want to keep an eye on their children while driving. There is one to make it easier to communicate in the five-meter-long bus Intercom. A 10.25-inch digital cockpit replaces the instruments, and the infotainment can be operated via an equally large touchscreen. The standard assistants include an active blind spot assistant and an occupant camera that issues a warning if there are still passengers or animals in the car when it is locked.
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The luxurious seats with legrests and reclining functions are only available for the noble “Signature” equipment.

Commercial vehicle: The Hyundai Staria fits three Euro pallets at once

At the presentation, Hyundai announced that the Staria would also be available as a commercial vehicle. In Australia, this variant is already available as a “Staria Load”, and it should also come to Europe in 2022. The version offered by us should not differ from the Australian Staria-Load either visually or in terms of loading capacity (three euro pallets according to the manufacturer). Basically, the design is a bit simpler than that of the people carrier; The headlights and taillights in particular are designed more simply, and the commercial vehicle also has its own grill grille, and there are no side and rear windows. But the Staria-Load stands on comparatively large 17-inch rims. Sliding doors are standard, instead of the tailgate you can also get two doors.

Hyundai Staria Load

Instead of LEDs, normal halogen lamps are used in commercial vehicles, but the front still looks good.

The transporter also has a digital cockpit

In the interior, there is space for two to five people, there is a lot of sturdy plastic. Nevertheless, the car is equipped with a few amenities: the digital cockpit remains, plus there is an eight-inch central display with which you can connect your smartphone via Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. It can also be charged inductively in a compartment below. Standard features include a drowsiness warning system, a lane departure warning system, a blind spot assistant and front and rear parking beeps. Up to 4935 liters fit in the cargo space. This can also be three Euro pallets or objects with a length of up to 2.61 meters. In addition, the Australian version can pull trailers weighing up to 2.5 tons. The only engine is the 2.2-liter diesel. The prices there start at the equivalent of 28,220 euros (45,740 AUD) for the two-seater and 29,760 euros (48,240 AUD) for the five-seater.

Engines: Hyundai Staria also comes with fuel cells

Hyundai is still holding back with the technical data for the Staria. At the world premiere it was announced that there would be a 2.5 liter gasoline engine and one Two-liter diesel will give. There is already performance data for the diesel engine: 177 hp and 431 Nm are to be delivered either to a six-speed gearbox or an eight-speed automatic. In addition, the Koreans have announced that the van will be available in the near future also with fuel cell drive and as a hybrid model will give. A purely electric version, however, is not planned.

Technical specifications

Hyundai Staria 2.2 CRDi ● Engine: four-cylinder diesel ● Displacement 2199 cm³ ● Transmission: eight-speed automatic ● Power: 130 kW (177 hp) ● Maximum torque: 430 Nm ● Drive: front / all-wheel ● Acceleration 0-100 km / h: 12.4 / 13.5 s with all-wheel ● Top speed: 185 km / h ● Consumption (WLTP): 8.5 l / 8.9 l with all-wheel drive ● CO2 emissions: 222g / km / 232 g / km with all-wheel drive ● Price: from 56,150 euros

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