Hyundai Staria: test, engine, price

With a lot of space, diesel and all-wheel drive, Hyundai attacks the van competition

The Hyundai Staria wants to become a serious competitor for the Mercedes V-Class and VW T7. The test shows: its strength is comfort.

F.or for the trip to the stars you enter the Hyundai Staria over its sliding doors. They give way to the best seats, the two individual seats in row two with comfortable armrests, ventilated, heated and blessed with a wonderful lower leg support. At the push of a button, the seat back moves back and your legs lift – welcome to the Wohlfühl-Lounge. (Important tips for buying a new car on the Internet)

When it comes to drive, Hyundai relies on a diesel

Hyundai Staria (2021): New Presentation – Test – Bus – Van – Info

This is how the Hyundai V-Class drives

What is missing is a starry night – and the 1200 Euro one Panoramic roof (Apart from the paintwork, which is subject to a surcharge, the only selectable extra of the Signature Edition). The whole thing was developed by Hyundai, even if the Staria looks like a NASA Mars rover – big praise for that bold design. On the other hand, the drive that the company’s diesel engine supports has a very earthly effect 177 hp concerned. 430 Newton meters are enough 2.4 tons empty weight somewhat off. Given the heavy weight, they are round 700 kilometers range not a bad thing on this planet though. The same applies to the good interaction between the engine and the automatic.

The Staria is full of clever details

Hyundai Staria 2.2 CRDi

Well done: The ergonomics of the Staria are convincing, the interior has many practical storage compartments.

© Olaf Itrich / AUTO BILD

Roll comfort and Noise insulation did not fall by the wayside either. Hyundai has it for a long time, cars to vote cleanly. And even if the front side windows cannot be completely lowered, we hang ourselves a little out of the window and claim: In front V-class and T7 the Staria doesn’t need to hide while driving. In matters ergonomics not really either. Only the central display should be a tad towards the driver. Smart: the foldable shelves in front Speedometer display and behind the navigation screen. There is also a huge drawer compartment between the front seats. And the expedition through the interior promotes many other compartments, cupholders and USB ports revealed.

Incidentally, the last one is also Row of three no penalty box. To gain access, however, the backrests in the second row must move forward electrically. This takes a while. And the seat adjustment is on the inside, so reach over the seat once. Given the very lush furnishings the price loses its horror. But with the guarantee the spaceship loses altitude: Instead of the usual five, Hyundai only trusts the Staria for three years. (Calculate maintenance costs? To the car insurance comparison)
Technical data Hyundai Staria: • Engine: four-cylinder, turbo, transverse front • Displacement: 2199 cm³ • Power: 130 kW (177 PS) at 3800 / min • Maximum torque: 430 Nm at 1500 / min • Drive: all-wheel drive, eight-speed automatic • Length / width / height : 5253/1997/1990 mm • Empty weight: 2443 kg • Luggage compartment: 117-431 l • 0-100 km / h: 13.5 s • Consumption: 185 km / h • Consumption: 8.9 l / 100 km (Diesel ) • CO2 emissions: 232 g / km • Price: from 58,150 euros

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