Hyundai Tucson Hybrid unveils pricing

While waiting for the plug-in hybrid version scheduled for 2021, Hyundai has just revealed the prices of the new Tucson hybrid.

The automaker’s best-selling car in France, the Hyundai Tucson is electrifying. Presented a few weeks ago, the fourth generation of the large SUV generalizes micro-hybridization in 48 volts and introduces a new hybrid configuration now available to order.

The hybrid at the price of diesel

In terms of prices, the manufacturer communicates on a starting price of 34,100 €. If the difference is of the order of € 4,200 compared to the petrol version, the diesel version is displayed at an almost identical price (€ 37,800 VS € 38,000 in the Creative finish).

Tucson Hybrid Intuitive

€ 34,100

Tucson Hybrid Creative

38,000 €

Tucson Hybrid Executive

44,000 €

For more details on the finishes, see the technical sheet dedicated to the model.

230 horsepower under the hood

Under the hood, the Tucson Hybrid combines a 180-horsepower 1.6-liter 4-cylinder petrol engine with a 60-horsepower electric unit powered by a small 1.49 kWh battery. Driven by a six-speed automatic gearbox and configured as two-wheel drive, the system develops up to 230 horsepower. Enough to allow 193 km / h of maximum speed and a 0 to 100 km / h shot in 8 seconds.

In terms of consumption, the manufacturer announces for the moment values ​​”undergoing approval”. In terms of CO2 emissions, Hyundai reports 125 to 140 g / km. This is less than the petrol version, yet less powerful, but insufficient to escape the penalty.

Note that a plug-in hybrid version is also in the pipeline. With 50 kilometers of electric autonomy, it will be introduced in early 2021.


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