I bought a Dyson Pure Hot + Cool and couldn’t be more disappointed

Dyson polarizes in home electronics in a similar way to Tesla in cars, and the quality of the products also seems to be comparable. A Dyson Pure Hot + Cool in the test.

After two weeks, our Dyson Pure Hot + Cool goes back to the dealer, because the entire device offered disappointments almost on the assembly line. The initial euphoria quickly gave way to disappointment, because inconsistencies and faulty technology quickly made me regret the purchase. In the end, I wonder if Dyson isn’t maybe pretty cool, like Tesla, but at the same time completely overrated. But that might be going too far after just one product test, right?

In any case, we have a cat, my wife also reacts to pollen and in winter we would like to have more than just standing heating air in the living room. At the same time, we have good experiences with a much simpler model from Xiaomi, which probably ensures a little cleaner air in the bedroom and makes my wife sneeze less. We can also imagine that, but I wanted to have mentioned that. So a similar but more extensive device should be found for the living room.

The Dyson Pure Hot + Cool HP04 now costs over 600 euros, but can also detect and filter eight different types of air pollution. In addition, the device has a heating function, with which I can circulate warm air through the room on the cold winter days. At least that was the wish that did not come true. Several weaknesses were just too glaring.

What the Dyson can filter:

  • Ultra-fine particles and viruses
  • Industrial fumes
  • Bacteria and mold spores
  • Pollen and allergens from plants and flowers
  • Carpets, rugs and floors
  • Household fumes and cooking
  • Detergents and scented candles
  • Gas stoves and car exhaust
  • Nitrogen dioxide

Not all functions available, obscure update process

The common thread started right at the beginning, I couldn’t use all functions. The app acknowledged every attempt by saying that I had to wait for the next update. Just stupid that there is no progress on this. Dyson does not reveal anywhere when the said update will be installed. There is no manual installation. After a short research it became clear that the installation will take place SOMETIME. Some had to wait a night, others several days.

I was “lucky”, just had to wait one night. Only then could I activate the time control in the app and see the history of temperature and air pollution. The first disappointment could be cleared out of the way relatively quickly. Still, that’s a number when you buy such an expensive device and have to wait for something first, for which relatively little is revealed. The app should be improved here.

The display reveals more about our air even without an app.
Remote control allows some of the functions to be controlled without a smartphone.

The appearance of the material is underground

As soon as it was unpacked it became clear that Dyson offers a lot of plastic for over 600 euros. The look of the device may look modern on press photos, but everything is just plastic. And I am of the opinion that you can definitely see plastic, despite painted surfaces. In any case, the device looks okay, but doesn’t make a particularly high-quality impression even from a distance of five meters.

At the beginning I also dealt with changing the filters. The plastic part becomes even more apparent. Phew, feels relatively cheap. At least far from the price, I can tell you that. And somehow that stays in the back of your mind when so much money changes hands. Even with our refurbished model for 450 euros, I can’t overlook it.

After all, you can change the filters really easily using the click system.

Quite a poor performance and a nerve-wracking tone

First of all, I have to say that the detection of all air pollution works pretty well and quickly. You could see in the course when we had several people as guests or when we did something with detergent in the same room. That was reliable. And if the air quality was above the automatic limit, the Dyson gave more gas and automatically switched on the rotation. Until then, nice!

The performance of the fan is less good, at least when it comes to cooling. The unique construction has the disadvantage that you have to switch to the highest levels for a noticeable draft of air, which in turn ensures a fairly high volume. The Dyson was also clearly audible at lower levels at a distance of four to five meters.

Even with strength 8, I didn’t have the feeling that Dyson could make me as happy on warm summer days as a 30 Euro Klarstein fan with large rotor blades can do. On the other hand, heating the air is quick, but it doesn’t need a full draft.

Dyson automatically and successfully cleaned the air after a party, but it also took a lot of time to do so.

We probably don’t even need to start with the domestic air circle. For this purpose, the devices in the Dyson advertising are always free somewhere in the room, a real living room should rarely offer this option and have far too many disturbing objects in the vicinity. In the end, there was no wow factor that we somehow hoped for. It’s Dyson after all, really cool and all.

Last but not least, there was a clanking noise that was strongly audible at irregular intervals in all possible levels. Almost like a whistle. Even in two weeks, the noise did not go away permanently. Sometimes it was inaudible for hours, then again for hours at a time. Sometimes very loud, sometimes rather quiet. Reason enough to return the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool HP04. The research also revealed that our case is not an isolated case.

Conclusion: Maybe I was unlucky?

I wouldn’t buy another Dyson machine like this again. The negative impressions and the lack of positive effects just predominate too much, and before I bought it I was really on fire. Was I just unlucky? Certainly in terms of the bad tone in the background. But otherwise I didn’t get the feeling that the device could reflect how much money I spent on it. In the end, only the detection of air pollution and the lengthy, but well-functioning cleaning of the air was impressive.


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