“I brought my laptop in for repair but it was destroyed”: How could this painful mistake happen?

Old procedure

“That was indeed the procedure at the time,” says Camille Depuydt of Coolblue Belgium. “The customer received the email with the quotation. If he did not respond, two more reminder emails followed. If there was still no answer or proof of payment within 2 weeks, the device was recycled. “

Luc’s laptop was not really destroyed. The parts are used to recover other computers. “The 2-week deadline is the result of our fast way of working,” says the manager. “Normally, this works to the customer’s advantage, because it means that they get their repaired device back faster.”

New procedure

Coolblue understands that the working method is not ideal and will adjust the procedure based on this complaint. “From now on we will call the customer if he does not answer within the deadline,” says Depuydt. “If we still cannot reach the customer by then, we will send the device back to him. There will then be an invoice for the inspection. ”

Thanks to the new procedure, you as a customer have the certainty that your device will not be destroyed (recycled) without you wanting to. “The customer has the choice what he wants to do with the defective device.”

Coolblue also provides a solution for Luc, but only after the intervention of “The inspector”. “We had to find out exactly what went wrong and that took some time, but in the meantime we have refunded Luc the purchase price from his computer and are happy that we can now improve our service for other customers.

Lesson for the consumer

It’s good that Coolblue comes up with this solution after some insistence, but we can also all learn from it. If we have a device picked up or brought in for repair, it is good to ask yourself how they will contact you and what the expected repair period is.

Also ask if you will first be informed about the cost of the repair, if it is not under warranty and if there are costs involved in getting your device back. In some cases you have to pay shipping costs for a device that you do not want to be repaired.


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