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“I don’t even get to work like that”

Farmer seeks wife has already come to an end. The program now looks back once more with the farmers online. Geert Jan says that people have not forgotten him yet. He still gets a lot of mail and there are people in front of his house every day who want to get a glimpse of the farmer. “I don’t even get to work like that.”

Farmer Geert Jan has released many tongues on social media in recent weeks. For example, the high-profile farmer appeared to millions of viewers in a rabbit suit and dressed as “Arabian”. He was not boring at all, but the goal of the program has unfortunately not been achieved: Geert Jan has not found love. He is not dating yet, he says Farmer seeks wife. But that can change quickly, he also says.If you asked me in a few weeks, so to speak, maybe something could have changed. ”

Geert Jan is happy to speak to them

Yet he does not lack attention. People are “suddenly at your gate to see if they can see you,” he says. “And then I go outside and say, ‘Hey! Good afternoon’. And then they quickly get on the bike and continue. Especially if they scare you, I like that. ” He doesn’t mind. “I like to speak to them. Then you see them thinking: It really is. Yes it really is me. Also when shopping, two women were really looking like is he or not? Then I said, “Sure enough, it’s me!”

The imaginative farmer admits that “an awful lot” of letters have come in “and are still coming in”. “Too many to answer all. I should hire someone to answer them all. I don’t even get to work like that. ”

He also receives a lot of messages via Instagram and I get a lot of reactions among the posts I post. For example, I just made a post about my new mower. And then I ask: Who wants to come and mow with me? Then I get an incredible amount of responses to that. Everyone suddenly wants to mow. ”

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Farmer Geert Jan gets a lot of mail: “I won’t even get to work like this”


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