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I fled to Norway after the nightmare

In what he calls his very last interview about Tiger King, TV producer Rick Kirkham reveals “the real truth about the Netflix phenomenon Joe Exotic and his experiences with the eccentric” tiger king “.”

In the documentary Surviving Joe Exotic Kirkham tells how making the global Netflix success series became a “true nightmare.” Many millions have witnessed the bizarre events in the G.W. Seen in the United States, but now Kirkham looks back on his connection with “the Tiger King”. “I quickly knew that it was not a good person,” says the TV producer who eventually even fled abroad.

A photo of Rick Kirkham from Tiger King, reading a newspaper
Rick Kirkham ended up in a nightmare while making Tiger King.

Surviving Joe Exotic could be seen on Friday on video-on-demand platform Dplay, on which series and programs from Discovery, TLC, Animal Planet, BBC and Eurosport can be found. Today it was announced that this intention “has been postponed until further notice” and a new date will be announced later.

“At first I liked Tiger King”

In an exclusive interview, Kirkham talks about his collaboration with Joe Exotic for whom he was going to make a reality show at the time. But soon he realized what kind of person he was dealing with. “At first I liked him,” says Kirkham. “He was really a personality and fun to deal with. But that changed after a few months when I got to know the real Joe Exotic. ”

A portrait photo of Rick Kirkham, creator of Tiger King
Rick Kirkham now lives quietly in Norway.

Still, Kirkham stayed in the tiger zoo for almost a year because he felt connected to the misfits who worked there. He knew that the images he filmed contained unique material and would be invaluable to the reality show. But after a fight with Joe Exotic, his studio caught fire and all the material was lost. And after a second fire at his new home, Kirkham decided to flee, far from Joe Exotic and America. He moved to Brødo in Norway, where he now lives with his Norwegian wife.

TV success and coke addiction

In the hour-long documentary you see Kirkham and his Norwegian wife and he gives an insight into his life through his private diaries which he has recorded on tape over the years: from high successes as a TV reporter, deep troughs due to his addiction to coke, the success surrounding Tiger King, but also his current working and living environment. You also see previously unseen images of material that survived the aforementioned fire.

This is Rick Kirkham’s last interview about what really happened in the renowned G.W. So, he says himself.

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Maker Tiger King: I fled to Norway after the nightmare


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