“I have the feeling that everyone is looking forward to school”

According to a study, 30 percent of parents do not want their children to go on until the summer vacation begins school send.

I assume 5 to 10 percent. I understand when parents are scared and worried, but I also think that you can and must advise them to put their children back in school to send. It is important for children and their development that they maintain real, social contacts again, her friends and their teachers meet, can live real relationship again.

What role will and can digital teaching play in the future?

How to shows, has the crisis also a few opportunities. One is undoubtedly the leap in development in the digitalization. It is about recognizing what opportunities in the digitalization what good tool it offers. However, the development also shows that it always takes the real relationship between teacher and student education can succeed.

In addition to the mentioned opportunity, the time after Corona also harbors risks?

Yes, that’s why we have to work in the digitalization make sure that the students are equipped with laptops and tablets, that they have the necessary internet connections. There is also a group of high-school students – I suspect, including the number of unreported cases, that it is in the single-digit percentage range – which we have to take special care of, especially after Corona. In the Corona period we have in Lower Austria less than one percent of the students did not reach and I hope that this value remains so low.

We still do not know how the Corona period affects the psyche. Are you already thinking of additional school psychologists, social workers – also as support for teachers?

Basically, no additional support is intended, but of course we will offer it if necessary.


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