I subscribed to every gaming service – now I’m broke

Imagine subscribing to not just one or two gaming services, but all of them. The most expensive package from any provider. Then you would not only have thousands of games to choose from – but also a massive monthly bill.

Xbox Gamepass, Playstation Plus, EA Play – the list of gaming subscription services is now almost as long as that of the streaming services. But how expensive would it actually be to subscribe to all of them at the same time? We took out the calculator and did the math. Of course, this is purely a thought experiment, we do not recommend anyone to buy ALL gaming subscription services. That would not only be very expensive (we can reveal that much), but also not really useful.

I subscribed to every streaming service – now I’m broke!

Let’s start by getting an overview of the available gaming subscription services. We include subscription services for PC, console and mobile games. Some of the services include several subscription levels (tiers) at different prices, for this overview we have chosen the most expensive variant. These are the providers currently available in Germany:

  • Playstation Plus (Tier: Premium)

  • Xbox Game Pass (Tier: Ultimate)

  • Nintendo Switch Online (with expansion pack)

  • Amazon Prime Gaming

  • EA Play (Tier: Pro)

  • Humble Choice

  • Google Stadia (Tier: Pro)

  • Ubisoft+

  • apple arcade

  • Google Play Pass

Let’s take a look at the individual providers and their costs at a glance before we finally add up what the fun would cost us monthly.

Note: For this list, we have always opted for monthly payment whenever possible. However, some providers also offer annual billing with a discount.

Playstation Plus Premium: 16.99 euros per month

Sony has completely reorganized the structure of its online services. The cloud and subscription service Playstation Now was discontinued and cloud gaming was integrated into the highest level “Premium” of Playstation Plus. In the “Premium” level, you have access to a large games library with well over 100 current games, numerous classic games from previous console generations and selected games to try out over a certain period of time.

The costs for Playstation Plus Premium are 16.99 euros per month. If you take out the subscription directly for one year, you only pay 119.99 euros, i.e. just under 10 euros per month.

Xbox Gamepass Ultimate: 12.99 euros per month

Xbox Gamepass Ultimate includes over 100 games to play on Xbox consoles and Windows PCs. Among them are of course all brands that are distributed by Microsoft itself – Minecraft, The Elder Scrolls, Forza, Age of Empires and many more. But many classic games from previous console generations can also be played on the Xbox One and Xbox Series. The Gamepass Ultimate also includes a membership for EA Play, but only the basic version.

Xbox Gamepass Ultimate costs 12.99 euros per month. You can also buy codes for several months online, which are often significantly cheaper. But there is also a trick how you can get the Gamepass Ultimate even cheaper:

Game Pass Ultimate: 75% cheaper with this trick

Nintendo Switch Online with expansion pack: 3.33 euros per month

Above all, Nintendo Switch Online is a must-have if you want to play games on your Nintendo Switch Online. But it also includes a library of over 100 NES and Super NES games that you can access for free. The expansion pack adds some N64 and Mega Drive classics, as well as some expansions for current Switch games like Animals Crossing: New Horizon.

The subscription costs 39.99 euros per year, which corresponds to around 3.33 euros per month. There is no monthly billing.

Prime Gaming: 8.99 euros per month

Above all, Prime Gaming offers a large selection of free in-game content for many different games, especially skins, loot boxes or items. But also a changing selection of games is included, which can be unlocked and then kept permanently.

Prime Gaming is included with the Amazon Prime subscription, so there are no additional costs for Prime members. If you’re not a Prime customer, you’ll need to subscribe for $8.99 a month.

EA Play Pro: 14.99 euros per month

EA Play Pro includes a wide range of EA PC games including Battlefield, Mass Effect and the latest editions of Fifa and F1. You also get a 10 percent discount when you buy digital content in the EA Store.

The costs are 14.99 euros per month, or alternatively 99.99 euros per year (8.33 euros per month).

Humble Choice: $9.99 a month

As a Humbe Choice subscriber, you’ll get a selection of PC games each month to keep forever – even if you’ve unsubscribed. What’s special about Humble Choice is that five percent of the proceeds are donated to charity. The selection of games changes every month.

Humble Choice costs 9.99 a month, there is no discounted annual model.

Google Stadia Pro: 9.99 euros per month

Google Stadia is primarily a cloud gaming provider, but if you buy the Pro version you also have access to an ever-changing games library. However, you should note that you can only play these games via cloud gaming, local installation is not possible.

Google Stadia Pro costs 9.99 euros per month.

Ubisoft+: 14.99 euros per month

With Ubisoft+ you have access to over 100 games from Ubisoft, including all parts of Assassin’s Creed. For an additional fee of three euros, you can also play many of the games via Google’s cloud service Stadia.

Ubisoft+ costs 14.99 euros per month.

Apple Arcade: 4.99 euros per month

If the selection of console and PC games is still not enough for you, you can also expand your library with numerous smartphone and tablet games. If you are an iPhone or iPad owner, you can book Apple Arcade for it. The subscription includes over 200 games with no in-app purchases or ads. Many of these are exclusive to Apple Arcade customers and cannot be purchased through the normal App Store channels.

For 4.99 per month you can use Apple Arcade.

Google Play Pass: 4.99 euros per month

Play Pass is Google’s answer to Apple Arcade. The principle is basically the same, you get access to hundreds of mobile games without annoying ads or in-app purchases.

The price is also the same, Google Play Pass costs 4.99 euros per month. The annual subscription is significantly cheaper at EUR 29.99, calculated for the month you only pay EUR 2.49.

Subscribe to ten gaming services at the same time: these are the costs

If you subscribe to all of the above services, you’re in for a hefty bill. The costs add up to 102.24 euros per month. Calculated over one year, that would be 1226.88 euros. It’s probably more worthwhile to buy the games you want to play.

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