I switched to the Logitech MX Vertical

With the MX Vertical, Logitech offers a vertically oriented PC mouse that supports modern standards and was convincing in the test report.

For some years now, I’ve been one of the PC users who prefer to use an ergonomically shaped mouse. Normal PC mice kept my fingers cold and an overall uncomfortable feeling in my arm, with the more upright oriented PC mice this topic was done pretty quickly for me. Based on these experiences, I can only guess that as a PC worker you should definitely try such a mouse. You don’t have to twist your arm as much, the only real miracle for me.

In recent years I have used simple or very cheap models from Anker and other brands that offer such PC mice. And to this day there is no reason to advise against it, there is usable hardware for cheap money. Definitely cool to try such peripherals. Finally, I longed for a new device. Wireless, without classic batteries, in the best case with USB-C and several Bluetooth slots for connecting to multiple devices.

Anyone who knows their way around knows that the selection is not large. But it doesn’t have to, because with the Logitech MX Vertical there is the perfect candidate for all of the above requirements. You have to dig deeper into your pocket, Logitech wants about 75 euros. But this investment is worth it, at least that’s my conclusion after four weeks of everyday use. A stark difference is definitely the higher quality workmanship and the probably better materials.

Ergonomic PC mouse: Logitech offers a high-quality alternative

Softtouch is not the same as softtouch, the MX Vertical feels very different from the ones I used before. This feeling naturally also applies to mouse buttons and the mouse wheel, everything looks finer, higher quality and clicks better. If you don’t have the hands of a giant or dwarf, the MX Vertical should also be the right choice in this regard. In any case, it is for me with my normal-sized hands at 1.76 m tall.

Logitech Mx Vertical Test 2

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No-frills design, simple functionality

In addition to the classic mouse buttons and wheel, two other buttons are available for the thumb, which can be used to jump back and forth in a browser, as well as a button on the top for changing the mouse speed. If everything can also be used under Chrome OS, you can only make fewer changes here. It is different under Windows. There are three buttons on the bottom for changing the Bluetooth profiles and on the front is a modern USB-C port.

The plastic strips also attached to the underside, which let the mouse slide over the table, work extremely well on my smooth oak table. Just like the laser, which has no problems with the visible surface structure of the table top.

Logitech Mx Vertical Test 6

After a month, the MX Vertical did not have to be connected to the power, I have unpacked the mouse and used it since purchase. If I set the usage time low to 40 hours per week, that would be 160 hours of running time with a single battery charge. I could, but also never turn off the mouse completely when I leave the desk. The MX Vertical can also be used with a connected cable, the charge status is signaled by a small LED.

What is left to say? Great piece of hardware, I am extremely satisfied with this purchase.


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