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I tried Capital Bra’s hyped Gangstarella pizza – and was disappointed

We tried the new Capital Bra pizza that sold out everywhere.

The rapper already sold half a million “Gangstarella” pizzas in a week, breaking sales records.

I found it overpriced and not tasty.

Frozen pizzas are very popular in times of Corona. Deutschrapper Capital Bra apparently also benefits from this. Thanks to the “Gangstarella”, the rapper’s cash register has been ringing strongly since May 11th. Surprisingly, even if the name suggests otherwise, this is not a long-awaited new album by the musician, but pizza.

With frozen pizzas, a salami and a veggie version in the American pizza pie style, the ex-student at Bushido set a new sales record in Germany. The “Gangstarella” is there Half a million pizzas are said to have already been sold in the first week, Universal Music announced in a press release. The “Gangstarellas” are currently being hyped everywhere and are sold out in many places. In fact, they are said to be available nationwide in branches of Edeka, Kaufland and Rewe.

I tried the pizza – and it was miserable. Sorry Bra!

The packaging looks good, I have to admit. The typical white boxes of the “Gangstarella” look like the take-away boxes of authentic pizza joints in New York. The lids of the Team Capi pizza boxes show Capital Bra, disguised as a slightly stoned-looking pizza maker with a chef’s hat in the well-known “boss’s kiss pose”. Adorable.

The preparation recommendation, so that the “pizza shoots”, is in proper style in Bratan slang. With so much marketing charm, it’s easy to forget that Capital Bra didn’t even go out among the pizza bakers. No, but the busy chart rapper commissioned the pizzas on his behalf. The pizzas are produced by Freiberger AG, a subsidiary of the largest sugar producer in the world, Südzucker AG.

This is where the similarities with Italian pizza end. The vegetarian version in particular resembles a quiche rather than a pizza because of the thick batter and the creamy grilled vegetable topping. The salami pizza is topped without pork, but with beef. In addition, with her luscious topping, she reminds me of the perverted self-occupied calorie bomb pizzas of my obese acquaintance at the time. With almost 1,200 calories and a lot of fat, the “Gangstarella” is definitely a hearty meal. For comparison: A frozen pizza from Ristorante only has 873 calories. Ultimately, of course, it is a matter of taste whether you prefer a thin or a thick crust with pizzas. It’s almost a question of belief, as is the discussion of whether pineapple belongs on pizzas or not. In any case, I am in the “thin floor” team.

According to the package insert, the pizza has to be baked for ten to twelve minutes. This fits perfectly with the salami pizza. But after 20 minutes the veggie bratan is still not through. That could be due to the many grilled vegetables. The veggie version of the not so fast food is not for the impatient.

The judgment:

According to Capital Bra’s press release, the two varieties of beef salami and grilled vegetables would taste “overly crass”. I honestly don’t think so. The super-hyped hemp sauce on the pizza, to be honest, tasted banal. The vegetables bland. And by the way, you don’t get high from the hemp sauce (of course). I belong to the Pizzarand-Übriglasser faction, which is why the thick dough was not for me. Because I am a vegetarian, I personally only tested the grilled vegetable variant. For this, friends of mine tried the salami version. Unfortunately, they weren’t hyped either. Overall, I think the proud price of just under four euros is not reasonable. For that I get a better and fresh pizza at the Italian corner. My conclusion: edible, but overpriced and not a feast for the palate. Sorry Bra!


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