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Icelandic village Húsavík launches promo film to win Oscar for Eurovision film

The Oscars are coming and so we are inundated with promo films for all kinds of movies. One of the nicest ones comes from the tiny Icelandic village of Húsavík. They are launching a campaign to get the eponymous song from the Netflix movie Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga to help support the Oscar for Best Original Song.

Unfortunately, there was no Eurovision Song Contest in 2020. Fortunately for the fans, there was the Netflix movie Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga. In addition to the many surprising guest roles, this film is of course also known for the music it contains.

Although many may secretly be more of a fan Jaja Ding Dong, it is the number Húsavík which is shortlisted for the Oscar for Best Original Song. That song is about a real existing village in Iceland and the inhabitants want to do everything they can to win this Oscar.


To try to increase their chances, Húsavík – good for just over 2,000 inhabitants – made a campaign video. “Until about 25 years ago, fishing was our main export product. Now our main export is tourism and more than a third of all jobs in Húsavík are in tourism. For this reason, the city has been hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic, ”the village explains on the website Óskar for Húsavík.

The release of the Netflix movie and song Húsavík lifted the minds of the people of Húsavík. When we heard the song, that kind of anthem has become for our people, had a chance to win an Oscar nomination, we took action, ”explains Húsavík.

With their promotional video, Húsavík hopes not only to win an Oscar, they also dream of a Eurovision museum. A crowdfunding campaign is running for this purpose, with which they hope to raise 5,000 dollars. It may be clear that all of Húsavík has the same goal, or almost all of Húsavík.

This is how Húsavík hopes to win an Oscar


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