ICT entrepreneur Sanderink has to pay his ex 2 million euros

Sanderink was today ordered to pay by the preliminary relief judge of the District Court of The Hague, in a decision that has not yet been made public.

The CEO and owner of companies such as Centric, engineering firm Antea and construction company Strukton has been engaged in a battle with his ex-girlfriend for years, in which he publicly accused her of the wildest things. For example, she would be involved in fraud and activities in the porn industry.

Penalties imposed

In recent years, Sanderink lost a series of lawsuits, in which penalties were imposed on him. They should ensure that he adheres to the rules of the judges. But the entrepreneur didn’t care.

Earlier, Sanderink had therefore already paid 840,000 euros in penalty payments. Last September, Van Egten appears to have claimed another 4.6 million in penalty payments. She also had shares and real estate seized.

To the judge

Sanderink then went to court, where he demanded that Van Egten cease her attempts to cash in on the penalty payments. According to the entrepreneur, mediation and an investigation are still ongoing, as a result of which the money should not be claimed.

The judge in preliminary relief proceedings in The Hague appears to think otherwise. He ruled today that Sanderink must pay 1.96 million euros in penalty payments.

An amount of one million euros is the result of erasing evidence from his phone. The entrepreneur has to pay another 600,000 euros because he distributed a report about his ex that he should not have even owned anymore.

Bizarre accusations

Van Egtens lawyer Paul Tjiam of Simmons & Simmons says he is satisfied with the ruling.

“Sanderink destroyed evidence and incessantly accused my client of the most bizarre cases. That has a price. To my knowledge, this is the highest amount of penalty payments in the Netherlands that must ever be paid by a natural person in a civil procedure. Hopefully this will bring Sanderink to a halt.”

Sanderink’s lawyer Paul Acda was unable to comment on the ruling this afternoon. “I am still in consultation with Mr Sanderink about this. We want to do this carefully, to prevent this from leading to new accusations in the ongoing mediation.”

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