iFixit fans make Steam Deck significantly quieter

A replacement Steam Deck fan sold through iFixit significantly reduces handheld PC noise.

Anyone who was able to get hold of one of the scarce Steam decks can use it to play a large part of their Steam library on the go. The hardware appears to be up to most tasks, but can also get quite noisy under high loads. A replacement fan should ensure a significant reduction in background noise. The fan sold via iFixit costs 30 euros and should be able to be replaced in a good 15 minutes.

noise instead of howling

Installation only requires a Phillips screwdriver to loosen a total of 13 screws and some careful levering on the case. The result is a significant reduction in fan noise. Instead of a whine, the new fan makes a noise, which is caused by the hot air that is pushed out of the corresponding openings in the case.

Replacement fan in original quality

Even when the Steam Deck is under maximum load, when the chips inside heat up to over 90 degrees Celsius and the console draws 28 watts from the battery, the handheld PC with the replacement fan is still relatively quiet. The standard fan’s model is responsible for the noise: Valve uses two different fans, one from Delta and the other from Huaying. The latter seems to be significantly quieter. And this is exactly the model iFixit offers as an exchange option.

Can I trust myself?

The iFixit kit comes with a matching screwdriver and tweezers. The repair experts have also published a detailed guide in German that explains the replacement of the fan in detail. In this way, every Steam Deck owner can find out for themselves whether they trust themselves to exchange them or not.

See replacement fans for Steam Deck at iFixit

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