iFixit offers original replacement parts for Samsung devices

The DIY repair portal iFixit cooperates with electronics manufacturer Samsung and offers original spare parts.

Samsung has started a cooperation with the do-it-yourself repair portal iFixit. As part of the cooperation, iFixit will offer original spare parts and suitable tools for various Galaxy devices in its online shop. In the USA, the cooperation is already starting today. Other countries could follow in the coming months.

Spare parts, tools and instructions

iFixit currently offers original spare parts in the USA for the two smartphone series Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S21 as well as for the tablet PC Galaxy Tab S7+. Choices include displays, charging ports, and back glass. The replacement parts can be purchased from iFixit either individually or as a kit with matching tools. The portal also provides detailed replacement instructions for each of the spare parts.

Start in Germany still unclear

“We are proud to have partnered with Samsung to develop a self-repair program that extends the life of phones, helps consumers save money and benefits the environment by reducing e-waste. It’s great to see that Samsung is encouraging its users to fix their devices when they break rather than always being on the hunt for an upgrade or helping to take e-waste to landfill, and we look forward to seeing many other manufacturers will follow suit,”

explains iFixit in the official announcement of the cooperation. It remains to be seen when the parts will also be available in Germany and whether other manufacturers will follow Samsung’s example.

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