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IKEA Hacks: 5 ways to brighten up the REGOLIT lampshade

IKEA is one of our favorite furniture stores. The store is affordable, fun to browse and the stuff is incredibly versatile. And we make good use of the latter with these IKEA hacks. This week we will tell you how to brighten up the REGOLIT lampshade.

With a price of 2.99 euros, the REGOLIT is perhaps one of the cheapest lamp shades available. Handy, because you can pimp up as many paper lampshades as you want!

1. Cute face

The round shape of the lampshade is perfect to make a nice head out of it. For example, recreate your child’s head in a funny way for the nursery. Of course you can also just have your child paint a nice head on the lampshade.

2. Flying hot air balloon

The round lampshade can of course also represent a balloon, for example as a hot air balloon. Fold the paper tray and make it with strings to the lamp. Decorate the hood with some cuttings and the balloon is ready! If your rope is strong enough you can even use stuffed animals.

3. Calming flowers

In your own bedroom you can of course also hang a beautiful, homemade REGOLIT lampshade. For example, paint some beautiful flowers on it. This is nice and soothing and you can adjust the colors yourself to those of your bedroom.

4. Under the starry sky

What could be better than sleeping under the stars? Stick or paint some stars on the lampshade and it fits perfectly in any bedroom. Also nice: stick some glow-in-the-dark stars on it so that you can also enjoy it at night!

5. Chic feathers

Lampshades with springs have been around for a long time, but are often slightly more expensive. So why not just make it yourself? Just buy some feathers from the craft store or get them from an old pillow. Stick them on the lampshade, and your chic lamp is ready!

Julia van Rijn


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