Ikea: Rainproof Bluetooth speaker in Darth Vader design

Ikea has introduced an outdoor Bluetooth speaker with a cool Darth Vader design: Vappeby. With rechargeable battery, rainproof, including LED lamp and with “Spotify Tap Playback” function.

Ikea has introduced an outdoor Bluetooth speaker. With a cool design that should immediately trigger associations with Star Wars fans: Greetings from Darth Vader’s helmet.

The “Vappeby speaker light”

costs 49.99 euros in blue color.

It will soon be available in gray as well.

The lamp is 25 centimeters high and 17 centimeters in diameter and is also rainproof. The integrated Bluetooth speaker provides 360-degree sound and the built-in LED lamp lets the user choose between two light modes. With the large handle, you can carry Vappeby around as you wish and place it on the terrace, balcony or in the garden, for example. Or take it to the beach.

Ikea promises a battery life of up to 12 hours for the loudspeaker light. You charge the light via USB-C. Play music via Bluetooth from your smartphone, tablet, computer or any other Bluetooth-enabled device. In addition, Vappeby has the “Spotify Tap Playback” function. The power button doubles as a button to activate Spotify from a connected device. Once pressed, Spotify will resume playback from where it was last paused. When the button is pressed again, Spotify will play new music based on users’ listening preferences. Vappeby is also said to work with other streaming services or audio files stored on the connected device.

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