Ikea struggles with online shopping, customers angry: ‘Where is my order?’

At the end of January, Ikea informed its customers via Facebook, among others, that the company can accept fewer orders due to the ‘unprecedented high demand’. And that is still the case, spokesman Sabine Kaars Sijpesteijn told RTL Z.

This is because since the lockdown the company can only serve customers online, which ‘demands an unprecedented amount from our operation’, says Kaars Sijpesteijn.

She acknowledges that things also go wrong in doing so. “We realize that online purchases and the associated service are therefore not satisfactory for some of our customers”, the spokesperson e-mails. She does not say how many delayed orders and complaints are involved.

The enormous shopping frenzy of indoor handyman consumers not only causes logistical problems. Customer service is also overloaded. “It is busier than ever before”, writes the Swedish multinational.

Thousands of complaints

As a result, not everyone can be helped, Ikea said in the statement on the website. below the post on Facebook the counter is ticking through comments to this day, and has now responded more than six thousand times. The vast majority of responses are critical in nature.

Complaints range from not received or damaged orders to unreachable customer service and money for canceled orders that have not yet been refunded.

No response to customer service

Customers further complain that the telephone lines are constantly busy and that the connection sometimes just suddenly drops after being on hold for a long time.

The company attributes the overload of customer service to the closure of the stores, where customers can normally also turn with their questions. Ikea has put additional employees to work on customer service and has doubled the delivery capacity.

Ikea: things are getting better

The situation is now improving, according to the spokesperson, who at the same time understands that customers who are still waiting for their order or do not receive a response to their complaints, ‘feel disappointed’. “We are sorry. We ask those customers to be patient and appreciate their trust.”

The alternative to delivery is of course to pick up the items yourself. When this was allowed on February 10, the pressure on the webshop and customer service decreased, the company saw.

Ideally, the Swedish housing giant would like to reopen the stores as soon as possible. “This will further reduce the pressure on our delivery capacity and customer service,” writes Kaars Sijpesteijn. The company only participates to a limited extent in shopping by appointment, which is allowed since 3 March.

If the stores are allowed to open again, that is also good news for those who prefer to take matters into their own hands and return incorrectly delivered or damaged orders themselves. That is not possible at the moment. The company caters to customers with renewing of the return period.


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