Ill in Thailand for 4.5 years, but travel insurance remains valid

This is apparent from a statement by the financial complaints institute Kifid.

It revolves around a couple who went on vacation to Thailand in May 2017. The man became seriously ill there and the doctors subsequently declared that he was not allowed to fly. Your Benefits, an intermediary, later canceled Allianz travel insurance with retroactive effect. After all, the travel insurance only ran for 180 days.

Sick within 180 days

But the Kifid does not participate in the termination of the insurance. The man was able to prove that he became ill within 180 days of the start of the holiday. Under the terms and conditions, the insurance will automatically continue to provide cover until the insured’s first possible return.

The doctors believe that it is still not justified if the man flies back to the Netherlands. The insurer must therefore reimburse the unexpected, urgent medical costs insofar as these are not reimbursed by the health insurance.

The Disputes Committee also finds that Your Benefits could not unilaterally and with retroactive effect terminate the travel insurance.

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