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As the only European country with autobahn sections without a speed limit, illegal street races are quite common in Germany. Like a few days ago. A group of Norwegians had already noticed in Hamburg that they were driving too fast and tailgating. They were finally stopped by the police on the A7 southbound. Among other things, a yellow Porsche GT3 RS — which has been slightly modified, at least visually.

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The driver of the GT3 RS was under the influence of narcotics

The spoilers on the front bumper are not standard, whether the performance was also modified is not known. But even 520 hp and a maximum torque of 470 Nm are not for beginners – and the driver of the GT3 RS is only 22 years old.

Drugs were also found on the driver’s side. The yellow Porsche with a motorsport decoration set on the hood and on the sides was then confiscated and is now with the Bad Hersfeld motorway police.

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