Ilse DeLange has big plans to conquer Germany

Ilse DeLange is working hard in Germany. The singer is solo in the official German album charts this week and can be seen in the German version of ‘Best singers’. Ilse is surprised by this new success. “I couldn’t believe it, dude,” she said on NPO Radio 2 on Saturday afternoon.

“It is great that people are really looking, like: who is this Ilse?”

Artists sang her songs last Tuesday Sing Meinen Song, after which Ilse’s singles and albums were downloaded en masse via iTunes. “It is great that people are really looking, like: who is this Ilse?”

The singer hopes that that question will no longer have to be asked in Germany. She consciously released her new album ‘Changes’ while the program is on television. “That German program is of course a huge opportunity,” explains Ilse. “Then it is useful to have new music.”

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A German tour is already scheduled for February. In any case, Almelose speaks the language well. “It definitely helped me to grow up next to the border.”

With The Common Linnets, the singer was on the German charts with both records. With ‘Changes’, which was released last week, she entered the 17th place of the Offizielle Deutsche Charts.

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