iMac Pro goodbye: Apple’s Power Mac will soon be disappearing from the range

The iMac Pro from Apple.

The iMac Pro from Apple.

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According to information from the American technology portal “The Verge”, Apple is discontinuing production of the iMac Pro. The iMac Pro was a high-performance computer and was advertised as the most powerful Mac of all time when it was launched in 2017. The standard version of the Apple product costs 5,000 euros. However, the price can increase depending on the configuration and can also be in the five-digit range.

The iMac Pro was primarily intended for users of complex audio, video and 3D programs who could benefit from its powerful computing power. If you want to buy the high-performance computer now, you have to be fast. On the Apple online shop, the company now writes about its product that the iMac Pro will only be available as long as stocks last.

The iMac Pro is not a product for the masses and is very expensive. The sales figures are therefore likely to have been limited. Users also criticized the fact that they had few options for personalization despite the strong performance.

For a long time there have not been any new updates from Apple for the Power Mac, as “Spiegel” reports. The cessation of production is therefore not surprising. But according to media reports, Apple is already planning the next generation of the iMac.



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