Imanuelle Grives: ‘Everyone experiences very intense things’

In 2019, Imanuelle was sentenced to prison for possessing and trafficking drugs. She has now served her sentence and is back in the media. With her fellow candidates in All Hands On Deck, including Victor Reinier and Rintje Ritsma, Imanuelle was able to share her story.

“Everyone has experienced violent events in his or her life, by coincidence mine and the others appeared in the media. Every person carries things with them that are difficult, which they have formed, you know that about each other. As a celebrity person. you also have an almost unwritten rule: we know the ropes and know that it makes no sense to judge based on what has been written “, the actress tells NU.nl.

Sailing at sea was exciting for her, but it also changed her life. “You really realize how small you are as a person.” Imanuelle says she has really come out of the program stronger.

Fortunately for Imanuelle, she can now also laugh about her drug history, she proved Ranking The Stars a while ago. You can see that in the video below.

All Hands On Deck can be seen on SBS6 from Monday 9 November at 8.30 pm.


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