Imen and Matthew from ‘Love Island’ give more info about their “relationship”

After Love Island four duos returned home as a couple. But of those couples only two can now survive. Although a new couple seems to have been formed at the islanders.

Last week it became known that Imen and Matthew were released Love Island are often spotted together lately. As a result, many fans suspected that they are now a couple. Imen and Matthew were still tight-lipped at the time, but said they would bring more clarity in a video. And that video is out now.

Imen and Matthew

During the reunion Imen announced that she is “having a good time with someone”. At that moment she did not want to tell who that someone is. She could already tell that it is a completely different boy than Remco. When Matthew was asked how things were going in love, we saw both him and Joan and Mert giggle, after which Matthew said that he “has no one in mind yet”.

Several fans had already noticed that Imen and Matthew have been spotted together a lot lately. They pop up on each other’s Instagram Story and have also been seen together in public.

“Business Partners”

Imen and Matthew have received so many questions in recent weeks that they decided to answer the questions of their fans together in a Q&A on YouTube. Matthew says that he and Imen have just returned from vacation. It was a working holiday, they clarify. “A lot of people thought we were just having a nice holiday,” says Imen. “But that’s not actually the case.” Imen and Matthew are participating in a project of a friend of Matthew’s who is a videographer. That trip resulted in a lot of footage that we will see soon.

Imen and Matthew are not a couple, but Imen is the cuddly contact of Matthew and is thus the only person with whom he may have close contact.

Check out Imen and Matthew’s full Q&A here:


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