Impeachment proceedings against Trump failed | kurier.at

The Democrats insisted that Trump, who had shown no remorse, should be held accountable. “Donald Trump called the mob, he gathered the mob and he started the fire. Everything that followed was because of his actions, ”said one of the prosecutors, MP Joaquin Castro.

When the Capitol was stormed and even Vice President Mike Pence was in danger, Trump did nothing, as Castro said. Trump’s attorney Michael van der Veen denied the allegations.

It is an unjust, unconstitutional and politically motivated process. Claims that Trump incited the demonstrators were “absurd and monstrous lies,” said the lawyer. As president, Trump has always stood up for “law and order”.

The criticized statements in his speech were “ordinary political statements” covered by the right to freedom of expression, said van der Veen. It was “clear” that the Democrats “hate” Trump, he argued. Trump’s lawyers also argued that Democrats had often called for a “fight” against Trump, which was always covered by the right to freedom of expression.


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