Important security updates for Chromium-based browsers

With an emergency update for Chrome 99, Google has closed a vulnerability that had already been exploited for attacks. Manufacturers of other Chromium-based browsers have been quick to provide updates to fix this vulnerability as well.

The latest update to Chrome 99.0.4844.84 from March 25 fixes a 0-day vulnerability (CVE-2022-1096) in the Google browser and its open-source Chromium base. Several manufacturers of Chromium-based browsers have now followed suit with appropriate security updates. So far these have been Microsoft Edge, Brave and Vivaldi – with Opera it takes longer again this time.

Brave, Microsoft (Edge) and Vivaldi already reacted on Saturday, March 26th. The Brave developers have


1.36.122 which is based on Chromium 99.0.4844.88. Microsoft has an update on


99.0.1150.55 delivered. Like the current Chrome version, it contains Chromium 99.0.4844.84. However, the Microsoft programmers (not for the first time) forgot to adapt the user agent string accordingly in their hurry: it still shows the Chrome version 99.0.4844.74. The browser reports to the web server with this identifier and correspondingly programmed web pages draw their conclusions from this.

Microsoft Edge

▶The latest security updates


has – as several times before – preferred to continue using the older Chromium generation. Vivaldi 5.1.2567.73 contains Chromium 98.0.4758.141. It also fixes the 0-day vulnerability CVE-2022-1096. Vivaldi will probably omit the Chromium 99 generation entirely. The first pre-release versions (snapshots) of the upcoming Vivaldi generation 5.2 are already based on Chromium 100.


takes – as is usually the case – more time: The latest Opera version 85.0.4341.18 from March 23 still contains Chromium 99.0.4844.51 from the beginning of March. For the time being, a number of security vulnerabilities remain in Opera that were patched in two Chrome updates in the meantime, including the new 0-day vulnerability CVE-2022-1096. The Norwegians should urgently reconsider their priorities in terms of the safety of their users.

Google plans to release Chrome 100 on March 29, with Chrome 101 to follow on April 26.

Chromium-based browsers at a glance:



Chromium version

Google Chrome


99.0.4844.84 🟢



99.0.4844.88 🟢

Microsoft Edge


99.0.4844.84 🟢



99.0.4844.51 🔴



98.0.4758.141 🟢

Chromium-based browsers as of 03/26/2022

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