In a nutshell: operators must consider exceptions for hosts

When the third Austria-wide lockdown ends on January 18th, all shops, service providers and restaurants will also open. If you want to use the offer, you have to free yourself from the lockdown, which has been in place since December 26th – so far, so known.

Federal Chancellor Sebastian Kurz gave on Wednesday evening in the ZIB2 New details price: In order to be able to attend cultural events, hotels or guesthouses, at the end of the lockdown you have to be able to show a negative test result that is a maximum of 48 hours old. The operators of the respective companies have to check these test results themselves, explained the Chancellor.

When visiting restaurants, the test may not be more than a week old, said Kurz. Kurz announced that the health authorities would also carry out spot checks here in cooperation with the police.

At the same time, the Chancellor emphasized that it was a “mistaken belief” that the catering trade could be open around the clock from January 18th. “Other security concepts will also be needed. We will be able to return to normal next year – but a few months will remain very demanding.

When asked about the fact that constitutional lawyers doubt whether the most free is constitutional, Kurz replied: “There is always a constitutional lawyer who finds a new idea negative.” The “freest” is a complex new area. The government has worked very hard in the past few weeks to develop a “sophisticated model”.


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