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Most beautiful memory

“In 1994 I flew with my son-in-law’s mother for a week to Curaçao. He had been on a world trip with his wife for a year and we wanted to catch up before they were confiscated from all sides in the Netherlands. ”


“On a Nile cruise in Egypt, we had to get up at 4 AM to visit the Valley of the Kings, one last excursion before being back on the boat at 3 PM to freshen up, have some food and our bags. to pack. During the excursion we heard that the plane would be delayed. We also had time for a sailing trip with a felucca. Once that far, the plane turned out to be on time and we had to return quickly to collect the luggage. Once on the quay, the plane turned out to be delayed … It didn’t arrive until the next evening. ”The customer review has been automatically translated from Dutch.


“In Brazil, for the train journey from Rio de Janeiro to Belo Horizonte, I had to push the suitcase through the compartment window and then climb in through the window.”


“In Bali I received an invitation for a cremation from the chambermaid of the hotel! I was not allowed / could not refuse. All guests then walk around the bier to pay their respects, with song and dance. The combustion takes 4-5 hours. A special and moving experience. ”

Most beautiful bike ride

“We regularly go on long bike rides. The best was last September, 60 kilometers from Castricum to Schoorl / Groet and back again. Through the dunes, along the beach and through nice villages. On the way we drank our own coffee on a bench in the dunes and on the way back we ate delicious mussels in a beach bar in Egmond. Nothing wrong with a holiday in your own country! ”

Stairs or electric

“Two years ago, my 30-year-old bicycle had had enough. Then I chose an electric one. To work on the condition, I use the lightest support, except when we have to cross a very steep viaduct. ”


“I think it would be great to discover New Zealand by bicycle, but first save. Until then, we have a great time in the Netherlands. We have cycled in almost all provinces and always with great pleasure (and sometimes saddle pain). ”

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