In December, the Renault ZOE (almost) caught up with the Clio

The new Renault Zoé versus the new Clio 5.

In December, the Renault ZOE sold almost as much as the Clio on the European market.

If the Clio maintains a comfortable lead over the sales of its electric sidekick in France, the two models are neck and neck on the European market. In December, the ZOE sold just over 16,000 copies, only 4,000 less than the Clio over the same period.

Over the whole of 2020, the Clio is much less worried. With nearly 210,000 units sold on the European market, the star city car of the diamond remains twice as sold as the Renault ZOE which has accumulated around 100,000 registrations over the same period.

Good start for the electric Twingo

On the Twingo, the observation is identical. In December, 3,343 copies of the electric Twingo were registered against 4,723 for the thermal version. Ditto in France where electric represents nearly 40% of all Twingo sold. However, these results must be taken with caution given the commercial launch of the model, which took place at the end of the year.

December 2020Total 2020
ZOE16,03598 858
Clio 520,404209,132
Twingo ICE3 34368,496
Twingo ZE4 7235 106
Twingo ZE1,3532 262
Twingo ICE3,46740 854

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