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Most beautiful memory

“After a tiring day on the bad roads in Nepal in dense forest, we arrived at the Annapurna (Himalayas) in all its glory and purity. But actually all memories are beautiful. You have to continue to be amazed. ”


“We attended the closing ceremony at the border between Pakistan and India. The border closes at 3 p.m. every day. After that, crowds of Pakistanis and Indians, on their own side, pour into the stands. Because both countries are sworn enemies of each other, there are angry chants at each other. Had we been there a day later, we might not have been there … 52 people were killed in a bomb attack. ”

To wait

“It took eight days for the border from Ecuador to Colombia to open. In protest, the coffee farmers had closed everything hermetically. ”


“During the shipment of our camper from Antwerp to Zárate (Argentina), all our clothing was stolen from the camper. We were not reimbursed because we had to leave all doors open for customs controls; there was no burglary damage. We were wiser for later shipments and still closed all doors. ”


“In Myanmar we stopped at a shop for groceries. I was dragged into the back of the store. Due to the language barrier, I didn’t really understand what was expected of me, but I had to look at a toilet. It was the first toilet in that village of which they were incredibly proud! ”

Always with you

“A travel Buddha on the dashboard that our sister-in-law gave us for our first camper trip and a medallion from Christopher, the patron saint of the traveler.”


“After eating vegetarian in India for ten weeks, the steak in Nepal was heavenly!”


“We are not afraid of anything, but we are careful. In India we were forced to stop, they had Kalashnikovs in their hands to intimidate us. In their eyes we are of course mobile ATMs. We were not impressed, rather angry, which was very strange to them. It has fizzled out. ”

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