In short: “A lockdown that nobody participates in has little point”

Austria’s test strategy with all its “opening steps” and free testing is likely to be adopted by Germany. Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) has been buttoned up with regard to possible openings for a long time, but has meanwhile followed suit and promised a “free test” from March. “An intelligent opening strategy is inextricably linked with comprehensive quick tests, as it were as free tests,” said Merkel.

In Austria, where the number of infections is increasing in contrast to Germany, it has been and is being relaxed. “How dangerous is that?” She asked ARD-Journalist Sandra Maischberger Federal Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) on Wednesday evening.

Was there almost a “popular uprising”?

Basically, almost all European countries would rely on lockdowns, said Kurz. The measures will be tightened again, should the situation require it. But: The people in Austria would not have participated in the lockdown in the past few weeks. And: A lockdown that nobody participates in makes little sense. “

“Of course we also have economic, social and psychological aspects in mind,” Kurz continued. After six weeks without classroom teaching, it was urgently time to let the children go back to school. 99 percent of parents would participate in the free test for face-to-face lessons. The same applies to the freest possible before going to the hairdresser, although that initially “almost triggered a popular uprising”, said Kurz.


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