In short: “Currently delivery delay of 20 percent for Pfizer vaccine”

In Vienna and Lower Austria it has been possible to register for a corona vaccination since. As soon as you can register for an appointment, you will be informed after pre-registration.

Sharp criticism of vaccination speed

The vaccination forecasts are continuously updated and of course change depending on the delivery status and vaccination speed of the countries.

Even if the extension of the lockdown is supported by large parts of the opposition, the speed of vaccination has been criticized severely. Most recently, SPÖ leader Pamela Rendi-Wagner sharply criticized the Austrian vaccination strategy: Israel had shown that you can vaccinate a million people within a week – with good planning and organization.

Denmark is also very successful, where all residents of nursing homes and old people’s homes have already been vaccinated. “Vaccinations save lives and they secure our prosperity,” said Rendi-Wagner in the National Council last week: “It is the only chance to open the door to normalcy.” Austria currently has a vaccination rate of 0.5 percent of the population. “It takes more speed,” demanded Rendi-Wagner. Because at this speed it would take four years to reach 60 percent of the population.


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