In short: “Mass tests to make Christmas possible”

Austria’s Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) found out on Monday in a video conference with the Slovak Prime Minister Igor Matovic about the mass tests carried out on the population in Slovakia. On Sunday he had announced in the ORF press hour that he wanted to carry out such tests in Austria. In this way, the infection process is to be slowed down and Christmas is made possible “at least in a small circle”, said the Chancellor.

Of course, a test is always only a snapshot, but it was possible to find tens of thousands of infected people in Slovakia who did not previously know that they were infected. In many cases, this prevented further infection and slowed the infection process, Kurz explained. Today Slovakia has the lowest 7-day incidence in all of Central Europe, although a few weeks ago there were very high and sharply increasing numbers.

The Austrian Armed Forces supported this experiment, were there with 30 soldiers and were able to gain valuable experience.

In Austria, tests will initially focus on certain target groups, such as Teachers, but then also create a wide range of activities for the entire population. Further details should follow at the end of the week.


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